Hoofdgerechten – EN

Three Course Menu from € 22.80

Steak from Uruguay
Either with Gorgonzola- Pepper- or Red Wine sauce.

Beef Tenderloin (suppl. € 6.50)
Pan fried with mushrooms, shallots, smoked garlic and red wine sauce.

of spicey beef, a recipe of my friend Raphael, from the Catalan cuisine.

“The panting deer” (suppl. € 5,75)
it did not escape the hunting, we prepared it in two different ways; as a roast with peach and cranberries, and we grilled the steak.

Wild boar (suppl. € 2,00)
We serve the rib-eye, first cooked with apples and onions then grilled and served with “hete bliksem” (mashed potatoes and apples).

Spare Ribs
So tasty, we need not say more!

Pork Tenderloin
sliced, marinated in black pepper and basil, served with Mushroom- creamsauce..

German Schitzel
Coated in breadcrumbs and served with a slice of lemon or with tomatoes and melted cheese.

Beef Burger 250 grams (homemade)
With cheese and crisppy bacon on a “bagnat” bun, served with thick sliced fries..

Fish spear
Prawns, cod and salmon, with peppers, olive oil an thyme, shallots, Zucchini and cherry tomatoes, topped with balsamic syrup.

Salmon fillet
cooked in one of our ovens, covered with sauce of crème fraiche and grilled pepper..

Vegetarian Puff-Pastry Roll
Filled with steamed vegetables, roasted nuts and goats chees. Served with a slightly sweet blue- berry sauce.

with a ragout of deer, chestnut puree, mushrooms and the original Peccorini- truffle cheese from Umbrië. You can order these tagliatelle vegetarian with a ragout of mushrooms, spring onions and Peccorini- truffle cheese.

Main courses ordered separately: € 16,00
Supplements are extra costs. Our main course dishes are served with French fries, baked potatoes and salad.